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Sadhu Board with Light Aluminum Nails, Handmade, Yoga Gift, 10 mm

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🧘🏽Sadhu Board designed for Yoga practice, meditation, relaxation and perfect for feet massage through standing on nails.

Set of Sadhu Nails Board includes:

❇️ Sadhu Nails Board;

❇️ Textile Case;

🎁 4 aroma sticks come as a GIFT.

❇️ 📦 Sadhu Nails Board with a textile case and 4 aroma sticks are packed in the craft box.


Sadhu Nails Board is 100% Handmade.

•  Board materials: Birch Plywood (ECO materials);

•  Nails step: 0,4 in (10 mm);

•  Nails material: Aluminum;

•  Nails location: Diamond shaped (Rhombus);

•  Weight: 1.1 Lb (0.5 kg);

•  Size: 12.2 x 5.12 x 1,18 in (31x13x3 cm).

Sadhu Nails Board is made as a set of 2 boards for standing on 2 feet which are inserted into each other for safe storage and transportation (1 part of the Board for 1 foot, another part of the Board for 2nd foot).

Delivery options - Free shipping worldwide.

Sadhu Nails Board is CUSTOMIZABLE and PERSONALIZABLE. Note: All customizations and personalizations take us up to 6 working days to be made and assembled after the order payment.

- Please contact us to PERSONALIZE or CUSTOMIZE your Sadhu Board Order.

We have more than 100 designs of Sadhu Nails Boards for your choice in our collection.

- Want to see more?

- Just ask us 😊.




Sadhu Nails Board is 100% Handmade.
• Board materials: Birch Plywood (ECO materials);
• Nails step: 0,31 in (8 mm); 
• Nails material: Ballistic nails bullets/ forged steel;
• Nails location: Hexagon (Flower of Life);

Shipping & Returns

Shipping 1-9 business days and 7-14 for delivery


• Weight: 4,4 Lb (2 kg);
• Size: 12,5 x 5,5 x 1,18 in (32x14x3 cm).

Care Instructions

Nails Board with the step of 0,31 IN with Hexagon Marking lets you feel comfortable standing on nails even if you are a BEGINNER.

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