Sadhu Board Benefits

Sadhu Board Benefits

The Board with nails on which the practice is performed is called the Sadhu Board. "Sadhu" means "Holy man". Simply put, a yogi.

Nail boards originated over 2,000 years ago in India, where similar devices used by yogis are called "Sadhu Boards" or "bed of nails".

Sadhu Nails Board is made as a set of 2 boards for standing on 2 feet, which are inserted into each other for safe storage and transportation (1 part of the Board for 1 foot, another part of the Board for 2nd foot). 

Sadhu Nails Board is 100% Handmade. We use high-quality natural materials - birch plywood, nature rubber or oak, Ballistic nails made of forged steel or copper depends of Sadhu Board type.

Sadhu Board stimulates thousands of acupuncture points responsible for vitally important organs of the body, energy flow, relaxation and wellness of the entire body.

Regular usage of Sadhu Nails board leads to a rejuvenating effect. Meditating on the Sadhu Nails board can improve emotional and physical strength, focus and overall wellness.

While using it correctly and regularly, the Sadhu nail board can increase blood flow, strengthen the immune system, soothe headaches, cure insomnia, and fill the whole body with energy and those are just some of the benefits this board can bring to your life.

After Sadhu meditation your brain and mind will work on your dream realization for some period of time until you get what you want.

Standing on nails influences reflex points of feet, balancing activity of internal organs and systems. From the physical point of view, the practice has a healing and strengthening effect on the body. From the energy point of view, improves energy flow in the body, removing energetic “blockages” in the channels, which are often the cause of disease. At the psycho-spiritual level, the practice of standing on nails trains the will of a person, allows you to curb the mind, feelings, emotions, gain control over yourself.

You will find new solutions, your brain will give more and more decisions, you will feel confidence and trust yourself.



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