What is Sadhu Board?

Nail boards originated over 2,000 years ago in India, where similar devices used by yogis are called “sadhu boards” or “bed of nails”. The Board with nails on which the practice is performed is called the Sadhu Board. “Sadhu” means 'Holy man'. Simply put, a yogi. It is a practice to evolve the body and the spirit. The Sadhu Board is the practice of standing on a plank to which special nails are nailed at regular intervals.

Sadhu Board Benefits

According to Eastern philosophy, the projection of our internal organs is found on the soles of our feet which contains over 70,000 nerve endings. When we stand on the nails, we stimulate these acupuncture points.

The practice allows:

Improve physical health

Boost immunity

Stimulate cleansing (body detoxification, blood flow cleansing) and recovery processes

Improve the functioning of the intestines

Stimulate all body systems

Improve the functioning of the hormonal system

Improve posture

Boost metabolism

Remove tension by stimulating acupuncture points

In our Store you will find Sadhu Nails Boards which are perfectly made using only with high quality materials.

  • Dear Customer,

    We made this Handmade Sadhu Board with love for you. We wish you great Sadhu practice and meditation on the Tengry Sadhu Nails Board. Hope you will enjoy your Sadhu Board for many years.
    Sadhu Practice is a kind of meditation on nails when a person leaves the comfort zone and puts the body and mind into stress consciously to overcome pain and fear.
    If you are new to Standing on Nails Practice then it will be a great discovery for you. For the first time of Standing on Sadhu Nails Board you feel like your mind is opened, feel a burst of energy and even colors become brighter in just minutes. Therefore, do not be afraid, there is nothing dangerous in the practice of standing on nails, and the result will be a pleasant surprise for you.
    Standing on the Sadhu Nails board even for a while requires a strong and pure intention. You can devote this intention to the fulfillment of some of your desires, and then a huge surge of energy will direct your intentions towards its realization, sweeping away all blocks, doubts and laziness in its path.
    Standing on nails has a strong healing effect on the entire body.
    Start your Sadhu Nails Standing Practice from a few seconds per practice, then increase to a few minutes per practice, then increase your practice time more once you are ready.
    If you are new you can practice with socks on, or barefoot once ready.

    It’s very important to have a positive mindset when you start your practice.

    Standing on nails is a kind of meditation. You learn how to control the mind in a stressful situation, it helps to control thoughts and emotions.

    We are sure that everything will work out for you. This Sadhu healing board will help you to become stronger in spirit and body and you will achieve all your goals.

    Instruction for Beginners.

    Stand on your Sadhu Nails Board with the confidence and intent of a winner. Do not let doubts and fear take over the inner strength of the spirit, then Standing on Nails practice will be much easier.
    - Find comfortable support, for example: chair.
    - Place the board in front of you so that it is comfortable to stand on it.
    - Relax, calm your mind, take a few deep breaths in and out.
    - Stand next to your support (in front of it). Put your hands on the support and transfer your body weight to your hands.
    - Put one foot on the board. Keep holding on to the support, transfer your body weight to the first foot and immediately put the second foot.
    - Breathe deeply, relax. Gradually transfer body weight from the support to legs.
    - Release the support, straighten up and stand with all your weight on the board.
    - Be patient. After 10-15 seconds, the desire to leave the nails board will become unbearable. Stay further.
    - It is necessary to overcome the boundary of an unbearable desire to leave the board and stop practice BUT you have to continue to stand for at least one minute.
    - After the practice is done, put your hands back to your support (for example: chair) and shift your weight back on hands, then step off the board gently.

    Enjoy your Sadhu Nails Practice. We wish you all the best.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Tengry Team.

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